Jonathan Miller

Supervising Sound Editor

Jonathan Miller, is one of the entertainment industrys most acclaimed and prolific Sound Editors. His unique talents have been know to set the auditory mood that defines a film. Best known for his work on Independence Day and Trainspotting as well as his longtime collaboration with Michael Jackson.

Jonathan learned early that sound can tell a story and convey emotion. This has been the driving force behind his impressive body of work in all genres of filmmaking. His intricate design stirs the senses and can be both heard and felt, and this work has been acknowledged in a number of sound design achievements.

Originally hailing from England and educated at Haileybury, Jonathan comes from a long line of leading industry professionals, His father, writer Peter Miller and his Grandfather Harry Miller, legendary Hitchcock sound editor, who inspired his love of sound design.


Evil Dead


Independence Day

Don't Breathe

Kings Ransom

Lonely Hearts

Kings Ransom

The Legend of Hercules

The Zodiac

The Hills Have Eyes II