Steve Urban

Supervising Sound Editor
Steve Urban - The Dub Stage

Steve Urban is a Supervising Sound Editor for television and feature films. In 1999 he began his career as an assistant sound editor and quickly moved up to a senior sound editor and re-recording mixer on programming for National Geographic, Discovery, and PBS on the East Coast. In 2011 Steve moved west to Los Angeles to expand his portfolio beyond documentary films and unscripted television. Since then he has contributed his talents to multiple prime-time series soundtracks for ABC, CBS, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.

"I love crafting false realities through the smart use of sound. With a well-directed performance and a few well-chosen effects we can give weight to the weightless, travel time and space, and completely suspend disbelief."


How to Get Away With Murder


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The Duel * Golden Reel Award