Derek Marcil

Re-Recording Mixer
Derek Marcil - The Dub Stage

Derek Marcil has always been fascinated with technology. His grandfather was a wholesale distributor of film and still cameras, film editing equipment, and audio devices. Anything that combined technology and creativity excited him. Derek’s audio career began as a young teen, doing live sound for local bands. Many of Derek’s friends were musicians, and he naturally gravitated toward the technical side. At the age of 15 Derek began touring with regional acts throughout the Northeast club circuit. These experiences convinced him that he was destined to pursue a career in sound. Derek received a B.S. in Audio Engineering from American University in 1984. He soon thereafter moved to Los Angeles and began working at Motown’s legendary Hitsville Studios. Despite a focus on records and film score recording, Hitsville had an active post production business. Derek went on to engineer records for some of the biggest acts in music. However, he never stopped taking projects on the post production side of the industry. Derek began to get more and more calls to work in film and television, eventually transitioning to post production exclusively in the early nineties. Derek continues to be fascinated by the combination of art and technology and the power of sound in helping film makers bring their vision to the screen.