Jonathan Bruce

Foley Artist
Jonathan Bruce - The Dub Stage

Jonathan Bruce is one of New Zealand's most prolific Foley artists/editors. He works closely with business partner and Foley mixer Amy Barber. Their audio post facility, Bespoke Post, is based in Auckland, New Zealand and specializes in Foley & SFX for film and television. Jonathan's experience has seen him working in the Foley and SFX departments on hundreds of episodes of US, UK & NZ television, scores of feature films, dozens of documentaries and countless short films.

From 2013 Jonathan spent 2 years working in Los Angeles with some of the most established Foley walkers and mixers in the industry. The time he spent there was fairly evenly split between learning as much as possible from the people who help shape and move forward the sound and techniques of audio post ...and drinking west coast IPA while enjoying many bowls of vegan ramen.

He returned to Auckland, New Zealand in mid 2015 to begin work in the Foley department on the popular Starz series; Ash vs Evil Dead. His unique work and large beautiful Foley room have appeared in interviews on both national radio and television in New Zealand. He has lectured on the art and craft of Foley at UCLA and is part of the NZ School of Audio Engineering Creative Industries Advisory Committee who helps shape the curriculum of their students. Now quite far into his fourth decade he has completely given up on following popular music and social events and endeavours to continue honing his craft in Foley and SFX to a fine point