Karol Urban

Re-Recording Mixer
Karol Urban - The Dub Stage

Karol Urban is a passionate lifelong lover of sound. Her intense fascination helms from a sight disability as a child that was later surgically corrected. After moving to Washington DC in 1999, she began mixing indie films and TV advertisements.

After spending the final 10 years of her career in DC as in house re-recording mixer/sound designer at Discovery Channel she moved to LA and began mixing scripted television dramas (Kingdom, Grey's Anatomy, Notorious) and feature films.

She loves her projects completely. Her goal is to arrest her viewers emotions and weave the imagination of her filmmaker into the soundscape of their project. She has a special affinity for the suspenseful, fantastical, and dramatic but also fully enjoys the timing and cultural relevancy of a good comedy. Karol currently serves on the board of Cinema Audio Society, and the Television Academy's Governor's Peer Group for Sound Mixing


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