Roland Thai

Supervising Sound Editor & Sound Designer
Roland Thai - The Dub Stage

Since 1992, Roland has accumulated over 150 credits for Sound Design or FX in Film, Tv, and Video Games. After graduating from San Francisco State with a Bachelor's in Film Production, Roland started his career in Los Angeles as an intern at Disney Studios where he became interested in Post Production Audio. Having a background in Digital Editing and Electronic Music, he gravitated toward studios that were starting to use Pro Tools as their editing platform. His first union Feature was as a Sound Designer for 'Batman Forever' in 1994 which was nominated for an Academy Award in sound editing. He later won a BAFTA in 1997 for Sound Design on 'LA Confidential' . Then in 2001 he Co Supervised 'Amores Perros' for the award winning director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. In 2006 he received a MPSE Award for Best Foreign Film Sound for Co Supervising 'Pan's Labryinth' from the acclaimed Guillermo Del Toro. In 2014, he was part of the Sound Fx Editing team that won the Oscar for Sound Fx Editing on 'American Sniper' for Clint Eastwood.

Since then he continues to enjoy Sound Designing and Supervising for all types of projects ranging from Independent Art House to big budget studio Films with equal enthusiasm for his craft.


LA Confidential

Amores Perros

Lost Tv Pilot


Pan's Labyrinth

Selected Credits

Hellboy 2

End of Watch


American Sniper




Soldado (Sicario 2)

A Star is Born

Into the Dark